CMS integration

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A single source of the truth which is helping firms avoid misinformation.

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Access to crucial data to support your compliance requirements via MI-InfoTrack.

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Enhances your firms performance, saving hours of time rekeying the same data.

Integration is the new standard

Top-quality integrations just work. They make an invaluable difference to the workloads of firms and individuals, from secretaries to fee earners, finance and partners. Integrations weave connections between your various systems, minimising lost information, reducing rekeying errors and promoting greater efficiency for firms.

By enabling the flow of information between different software, the consolidation of information provides you with a single source of truth, which supports ever-growing compliance requirements. InfoTrack are the specialists in integration having supported over 700 firms in connecting InfoTrack with their Case Management System.

Whatever CMS your firm operates, we’ll help deliver benefits for your firm:


  • A single source of truth – Integrations amalgamate the information to provide you with a clear picture. Meaning you reduce the potential of inputting incorrect information by having full control.
  • Error free – Reduced risk of entering incorrect information can lead to time lost spent trying to resolve. Improvements to the process mean an improvement to your bottom line as teams are more efficient.
  • A helping hand – Fewer errors and access to crucial compliance data in MI-InfoTrack means you have information to hand when renewing your PI.
  • Performance enhancing – By completing more of your tasks through your CMS integration, you’ll be able to keep on top of compliance and quickly access reports held within MI-InfoTrack.
  • Don’t scatter the data – We help you take care of GDPR as information is automatically connected to matters within your CMS.


  • The best way is two-way – We provide a real two-way integration to view orders and status while having access to the same information within CMS.
  • Real Intelligence – InfoTrack’s expertise means we continuously build new logic that helps you. For example, our enhanced filing means that files are shared between the systems, so you don’t have to manually download, save and upload.
  • It’s a date – Our unique dashboards and alerts relate to more than searches. We alert you within your CMS to actionable items, including SDLT submission dates and AP1 requisitions.


  • Knowledge is power – Our knowledgeable Helpdesk team supports all integrations and work hard to give you first-time fixes, with an 86% first-time fix rate, or just give a bit of advice. It’s all designed to help you.
  • Resource light? – We have a team of project management experts to ensure the necessary mappings are completed for you if you’re in need of additional support.
  • Power up – We are constantly working with our CMS partners to improve how each CMS integration works.

Experts in integration, we believe the legal market requires clearer channels to understand what is available and how other law firms operate. That’s why we have a programme of sessions throughout the year that shares Best Practice. It’s a connected group of collaborators, providing feedback, request new features, and discuss opportunities with peers. And you’re invited!

Discover how connecting your CMS to InfoTrack will connect you to suppliers, clients and other law firms. 

"Using InfoTrack we are no longer rekeying data, manually saving files or entering costs as integration means everything is automated. Land Registry Searches, Conveyancing Searches, SDLT, and AP1 submissions are a breeze but importantly, the calendar view within InfoTrack of key dates means we now mitigate the risk of missing AP1 requisitions and expiring priorities as an automated task not left open to human frailties. Not only does the integration improve the process and reduce human error, it enables us to provide a much better professional experience for our team which ultimately benefits all our clients. InfoTrack’s integration empowers us to deliver all of this and more with their direct link to Visualfiles."

- Paul Sams, Dutton Gregory

To learn more about our integration partners, download one of our brochures today.

benefits of CMS integration

Benefits of CMS Integration

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Tikit Integration

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LEAP Integration