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Learn more about the benefits to your firm when you integrate InfoTrack into your CMS.

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Check out the variety of case management systems and software providers we integrate with.

The mark of a great integration is that it’s invisible to users. It makes an invaluable difference across firms and to individual workloads, from secretaries to fee earners, finance and partners. Integration weaves between your various systems, minimising lost information and reducing rekeying errors, promoting greater efficiency for firms.

By allowing the flow of information between different software, this enables the amalgamation of information and provides you with a single source of truth. Having one place to store data makes information management easier, and you more efficient.

Find more about the benefits of integration, or visit our partners page to learn about the systems we integrate with. Alternatively you can contact us about integrating with your case management system if you don't see it on our list, or if it is bespoke.


"Using InfoTrack we are no longer rekeying data, manually saving files or entering costs as integration means everything is automated. Land Registry Searches, Conveyancing Searches, SDLT, and AP1 submissions are a breeze but importantly, the calendar view within InfoTrack of key dates means we now mitigate the risk of missing AP1 requisitions and expiring priorities as an automated task not left open to human frailties. Not only does the integration improve the process and reduce human error, it enables us to provide a much better professional experience for our team which ultimately benefits all our clients. InfoTrack’s integration empowers us to deliver all of this and more with their direct link to Visualfiles."

- Paul Sams, Dutton Gregory



To learn more about our integration partners, download one of our brochures today.

benefits of CMS integration

Benefits of CMS Integration

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Tikit Integration

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LEAP Integration