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Janine Edwards & Clive Thomas, Watkins and Gunn Solicitors

Janine Edwards and Clive Thomas, of Watkins and Gunn Solicitors, discuss how employing InfoTrack's award-winning technology in their business strategy has improved efficiency for both the firm and their clients, as well as giving them a competitive edge.


James Mawbey-Shaw, Senior Partner, Wilsons Solicitors

Hear James Mawbey-Shaw, Senior Partner at Wilsons Solicitors, describe the customer service he has received from InfoTrack and how it helps his staff stay accountable.

Anne Danbury

Anne Danbury, PHH Solicitors

"Moving to InfoTrack couldn’t be easier. A very informative training session is provided allowing our firm to quickly begin using InfoTrack for all our Searches and SDLT submissions. InfoTrack have compiled a specific residential pack of searches at a very competitive price. The searches are good we’ve been impressed with the turnaround times, especially helpful when there is a rushed matter to be dealt with. The best feature is that not only are all search results are emailed back but they are also automatically dropped into the LEAP case management system ready for printing or emailing and they remain there to refer to at a later date. Our contact, James, has been extremely helpful and is always on hand to help advise us either by phone or email. I have no hesitation in recommending InfoTrack to other Solicitors."


Peter Ambrose, The Partnership

Watch our video to see Peter Ambrose, Director of The Partnership, discuss how using InfoTrack has improved the firm's efficiency and workflow practices, and enabled them to offer better, more profitable services.

Dav Mahet

Dav Mahet, Thankey Mahet Legal

"Using InfoTrack via the LEAP integration has been seamless and has streamlined our workflows creating efficiency throughout the transaction process for our firm. Digitising the conveyancing process has changed previously cumbersome tasks, and InfoTrack are leading the charge on this front, enabling firms like ours to operate more efficiently. The system is not only easy to use but has been a massive timesaver, allowing us to complete key tasks throughout pre and post-completion including; AML, Land Registry and conveyancing searches, as well as SDLT submissions, all from within InfoTrack. Moreover, we benefit from having all results and documents returned back into the LEAP matter and all corresponding costs automatically sent back into the ledger. We highly recommend InfoTrack. Their technology makes the conveyancing process more efficient, and the transaction easier to navigate. Once a Conveyancer has used the integration between InfoTrack and LEAP, I believe they are unlikely to ever revert back to their original suppliers."


Jordan Martin, Peter Lynn and Partners

Jordan Martin, Trainee Solicitor at Peter Lynn and Partners, tells us how using InfoTrack's single platform with direct connections to The Land Registry and HMRC makes their conveyancing process faster, giving them time to focus on the legal process instead of the administration.

Janit Lawrence

Janit Lawrence , Quality Solicitors Rose & Rose

"We’re very pleased with the excellent fast service that the InfoTrack website delivers for our firm, but we particularly love it because the technology is just so easy to use! For our firm, this has created a huge step forwards in managing our conveyancing tasks and we are delighted to be working with InfoTrack, who are not only forward thinking, but also extremely helpful. The dedicated account management team are an absolute pleasure to deal with when we need support."

Paul Doe

Paul Doe, Linklaters

We are very happy with the service InfoTrack are providing to meet Linklaters’ corporate service requirements. Their in-depth knowledge of sources, such as Companies House and other trusted data, means they are able to build detailed, easy to read reports, all returned quickly within a single platform. InfoTrack have a unique ability to challenge manual processes, swiftly developing and implementing technical solutions which are incredibly beneficial to our firm. Barry, Claire and the rest of the team are knowledgeable, friendly and are fast to respond, all with a truly customer centric attitude. InfoTrack are an asset to Linklaters and I would be delighted to recommend them as a company you want to do business with.


James Mawbey-Shaw, Senior Partner, Wilsons Solicitors

Senior Partner at Wilsons Solicitors, James Mawbey-Shaw, talks about the firms' experience with using the InfoTrack platform.

Russell Neighbour

Russell Neighbour, 360 Law Group

We at 360 Business Law would have great pleasure in recommending InfoTrack’s Corporate Services. We particularly value their UK Company Comprehensive Report as it saves us time and money, and mitigates our risk by immediately returning live information from Companies House Beta, Companies House Direct, the Gazette and Credit agencies into a concise report in a matter of seconds.


Nirav Shah, Hugh Cartwright & Amin

Nirav Shah, of Hugh Cartwright & Amin, tells us how moving more of the conveyancing process online will meet expectations and benefit his process.

Natasha Jewiss

Natasha Jewiss, Burtons Solicitors

"As a firm with 2 offices, we had to ensure we implemented a high end case management solution with a reliable, easy to use search provider to achieve business efficiencies. Previous solutions have always raised issues which is why we are delighted with the solutions provided by LEAP and InfoTrack. Features such as the ability to drag and drop documents and the pre-population of data is already adding value as with less need to rekey, we can work faster with less errors. The service has been fantastic and I would highly recommend it to other conveyancing professionals."


James Mawbey-Shaw, Senior Partner, Wilsons Solicitors

Watch our video to hear James Mawbey-Shaw, Senior Partner at Wilsons Solicitors, discuss his experiences using InfoTrack and how it benefits their firm.

Daniele Nevola

Daniele Nevola, Studio PVC, Milano, Italy

Your level of service is always first class. As you know, we regularly carry out full third party due diligence on behalf of our clients prior to completing cross border commercial agreements (usually Italy – USA), and the reports you provide are always accurate and delivered in a fast and effective manner. Your professionalism and expertise is especially valued as our own reputation relies on it. Thank you to all at InfoTrack.


Elaine Tse, Chan Neill Solicitors

Elaine Tse, Solicitor at Chan Neill Solicitors discusses one of her favourite features of the InfoTrack system, pre-populated information from the matter.

Marcella King

Marcella King, MacNamara King Solicitors

"Using InfoTrack to submit our registration for the Land Registry has streamlined our process and saved us time. Not only is it easy to complete the AP1 and upload the documents, but it’s easy to see when the Land Registry have completed the registration too as the documents are all saved back. We are very pleased with the time and efficiency savings we have made by using InfoTrack."


InfoTrack client event, 16th November 2016

Highlights from our 'Driving profitability through change' event, and the launch of eCOS (electronic contract of sale).