Online indemnity insurance searches

InfoTrack offer a variety of conveyancing indemnity products to ensure your clients are fully covered when buying property.

From Absence of Easement Insurance, through to Freehold Rent Charge insurance and Mineral Rights insurance, InfoTrack has all the conveyancing indemnities you need.

Displayed in an easy to use screen, with drop down boxes and prices that reset according to your drop down selection, and policies that go straight back to your matter, purchasing insurance products has never been so easy.

Learn more about the benefits of using our conveyancing indemnity technology:

  • No need to use a book to look up your indemnity policies 
  • Saved with all other related documentation - conveyancing indemnities are saved to the applicable matter number in InfoTrack
  • Access the information when you need - all ordered policies are stored for up to 7 years within InfoTrack
  • Save, print or send policies to clients and colleagues via InfoTrack

Interested in using our conveyancing indemnities through our award winning technology? Book a demo or request a brochure so we can show you how InfoTrack can help improve your business processes.