Land registry AP1 transfer form online

You can now complete your AP1 forms faster, easier and with a full audit trail for requisitions using our unique AP1 tool.

Using the information related to your matter on InfoTrack, as well as automatically attaching the SDLT5, over 90% of the AP1 form is prepopulated, saving you not only time, but effort as well.

Users of InfoTrack now have access to the innovative AP1 dashboard with multiple functions including the ability to respond to requisitions and include further supporting evidence for the Land Registry in a WhatsApp-style message exchange. This provides firms with a unique communication tool that also acts as a full audit trail. 

We'll also alert you to any requisitions from the Land Registry so you can act fast; effectively reducing potential delays or cancellations of your AP1.

Rich features make up the unique dashboard including a recent history of the progress of all AP1s as lodged through InfoTrack. InfoTrack users can also access a tabled snapshot showing all AP1s currently in progress, applications with a raised requisition and submissions that are now registration complete.

 Benefits to your business:

  • Snapshot of all AP1's lodged, at a glance
  • Peace of mind - Our technology and direct connection with the Land Registry reduces cancellations and delays
  • Unique 'WhatsApp style' communication makes managing requisitions easier than ever before

Download our AP1 brochure here.