When a conveyancing matter is in full motion and the due diligence is complete, the key area of focus is of course on the property and ownership. We have challenged the normal working processes and introduced the ability to submit SDLT and transfer AP1 within the same platform as you conduct searches.

That means that as well as a comprehensive range of searches that are easily accessed within the platform, the arduous exercise of filling in forms is complete for you by overĀ 90%, including AP1 Transfers and SDLT Submissions.

What's more, you can be safe in the knowledge that our connections with the Land Registry and HMRC are completely secure.

The benefits to your firm:

  • The more services used, the easier the arduous form filling process becomes
  • Be confident our range of services cannot be accessed anywhere else
  • A dedicated account manager and helpdesk team are always on hand to support your needs