At InfoTrack, we know that you rely on information to make informed decisions. When searching for information in time-sensitive situations, it’s possible to miss key details that can delay results and require further investigation. That’s simply not efficient.

Applying technology to simplify the process, we ensure you get everything you need in seconds. Our smart technology quickly looks for information from both Companies House Direct and Companies House Beta, populating any data that could be missing.

Smarter still is our REVEAL technology that visualises the information into an interactive workspace, enabling you to explore past and present structures and shareholder information with the click of a button. Using InfoTrack saves you precious time whilst giving you confidence in the information you’re looking for.

Benefits to your business:

1. The full picture – Search Companies House Beta and Companies House Direct from a single source

2. A selection of packages and reports – from extracts to filings to full reports, you only need one website

3. A clearer picture – Free access to REVEAL, our data visualisation software that allows you to explore the information in simple formats

To learn how our technology can help your business, book a free demo or request an information pack now and we’ll show you how InfoTrack can work for you and your firm.