SDLT submission form online

Completing the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Submission by hand is a time consuming and confusing process, and often involves the need to refer to a guide to decipher codes involved with lodging the SDLT form.

InfoTrack are delighted to have made this process easier. You can now submit your SDLT online with up to 70% of the data pre-populated using information entered into the system earlier in the process.

Lodging the full SDLT form through our simple, smart platform, means you'll receive your SDLT5 form and transaction reference back within moments. It's everything you'd expect and more.

The more information entered using InfoTrack and SDLT online submission specifically, the more time you'll save when completing the AP1 Transfer.

To find out more about our SDLT online submission software and how it can improve your business processes, download our brochure.





 Do away with your SDLT Guide

 InfoTrack uses drop down boxes to decipher the codes that you need.

The resulting transactional details go straight back to your case

Never lose your reference number again, and easily keep track of the searches related to a case

Save your submission at any point to continue working on it at a later date

Saved as a ‘pending’ transaction on your InfoTrack homepage – providing a more efficient way of working

Your credentials for the service are saved under your InfoTrack user settings and login

No need to remember your details every time you log a submission

Agent details, as well as any related case and property details from previous searches are pre-populated into your SDLT form

Up to 70% of the SDLT form is automatically completed based on previous related searches

Lodge your submission and have your SDLT5 returned within moments

Don’t wait for days to find out the result of your submission

It’s all part of our mission to challenge and evolve the conveyancing process. InfoTrack make SDLT submission easy by compiling forms SDLT1-4 in one online transaction, and using an intuitive form and drop-down boxes that eliminate the need to use a guide. The SDLT form flows are based on your responses, so you’ll never miss any details. With InfoTrack, you can submit your SDLT form online fast and efficiently.

Download our SDLT brochure here.